April 18-22, 2022 - Minneapolis

Vocal Essence

Photo Credit © 2018 Caroline Yang

The CIES 2022 conference committee is thrilled to bring attendees an exciting performance by Minnesota’s world-renowned choral group, VocalEssence.  VocalEssence is a multigenerational, multicultural group of performers who sing, dance, rap, and compose music that they share with the greater Minneapolis community.  Founded in 1969, VocalEssence has commissioned more than 300 new musical pieces. The ensemble performs and engages with more than 20,000 people each year through concerts and performances, educational programming, competitions and community events and outreach.  Over 12,000 students have participated in their WITNESS program which celebrates African-American contributions to the American story. 

In the truest spirit of Illuminating the Power of Idea/lism, CIES 2022 celebrates the power of song to bring us together and lift our hearts.  VocalEssence will be visiting CIES 2022 on Tuesday evening, April 19th, 2022.   We hope you will take advantage of this must-see event and invite you to explore their website https://www.vocalessence.org to learn more about this incredible organization.  Below are links to just two of their wonderful performances.