April 18-22, 2022 - Minneapolis

Navigating the Virtual CIES 2022 Conference

Conference-related Websites

There are six different sites that are being used for vCIES 2021.

  • The Conference Hub is where you will engage the conference April 25 through May 2. All links to sessions will be available on the Hub a few minutes before each session begins. Presenters, chairs, and discussants will have access 15 minutes before their own session to coordinate with the host. We ask that you not share links. Your colleagues will be able to find the sessions easily – each day’s sessions will be listed on the Hub. The hub is now open. https://cies.lasaweb.org
  • The vCIES 2021 conference website has been the central website since mid-2020 with information about the annual meeting. It has links to Membership, Registration (and Partner Registration), All Academic, and the Conference Hub. (The Conference Hub link will be added in mid-April.)  https://www.cies2021.org
  • All Academic is where you submitted your proposal, and if you reviewed submissions you did this here also. Some people used the same login credentials and others used a different email and/or password. This system is not connected to the registration or membership platforms (although we have tried to eliminate multiple emails across the systems). https://convention2.allacademic.com/one/cies/cies21/
  • The CIES Membership site is where you joined CIES or renewed your membership. Newcomer attendees – you can join anytime; membership is for the calendar year. https://www.cies.us/general/custom.asp?page=meminfo
  • Registration sites:
    • The Conference Registration site is where you registered for the conference. CIES members should have used the same login credentials for membership and the registration sites. Nonmembers also registered here. (Please note that all presenters, chairs, discussants, etc. — anyone named in the program – should have registered as a member.) https://cies.lasaweb.org/registration/ and
    • The Partners Registration site is where Partners – sponsors, exhibitors, advertisers, and institutions having receptions and/or offering career recruiting – register. https://cies.lasaweb.org/PartnerOps/

Access to Sessions

All vCIES 2021 activities are accessible on the Conference Hub. All participants must log in using the username and password they used to register for the conference. (For CIES members, this should be the same username and password used to join CIES or renew.) The Hub includes links to all synchronous sessions and asynchronous sites. Only those who are registered for vCIES 2021 will be able to gain access. Registration is open through April 29.

If you have not yet registered but want to attend, please register for the conference at https://cies.lasaweb.org/registration/.  You will then be able to log into the Conference Hub. All “participants” – everyone whose name is in the conference program – should have joined CIES and registered for the conference prior to March 1. For those who did not, you may still register and present (if the chair allows you to – the chair may not know you are present unless you communicate with him/her in advance), but your name may not appear in the program.

CIES is committed to providing universal access to our event attendees. Please contact cies2021@cies.us to request disability accommodations. Advance notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs. Some of the accommodations being provided include automated closed caption and live transcription.

Personalizing Your Schedule

The Conference Hub does not have the capacity for individuals to create a personalized schedule. For synchronous sessions we suggest you create that schedule in All Academic where you can search and browse the program. (You can then download it to your personal calendar, or view your saved schedule within All Academic.) This will give you a list of which sessions you want to attend, in chronological order, and it will then be easy to find them in the Conference Hub. Many organizations and units within CIES (SIGs, standing committees, etc.) may be producing lists of their own sessions to make it easier to find their sessions.

Asynchronous sessions are not listed in All Academic (because they do not have a specific presentation time) – they are all available during the entire conference. Links to these asynchronous sessions, including Posters, Art Exhibits, the Film Festivalette, are in the Conference Hub.

Please remember, the schedule was created in Seattle’s time zone (PDT). In both All Academic and the Conference Hub you will be able to set your time zone to see times that are accurate for your location.

Don’t forget about the Newcomer Orientations Sunday evening (April 25) and Monday morning (April 26), the Book Exhibits (see the Exhibitors Gallery in the Hub), or the Networking Space available April 25-29. The “Networking Space” is a dedicated Zoom room with break-out rooms to meet with others. At various times there will be thematic group discussions, and other activities. Or you can just go to meet with friends.

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  • Conference-related questions: please contact the conference planners at cies2021@cies.us
  • Disability-related accommodations: please email us at cies2021@cies.us
  • Conference registration questions: please contact cies2021@cies.us and add “Registration” in the subject line.
  • Membership questions: please contact the CIES OED at membership@cies.us
  • Partnership questions and other CIES questions: please contact the CIES OED at oed@cies.us
  • Also see “What to Expect @ vCIES-2021,” and the FAQs.