April 18-22, 2022 - Minneapolis

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Your CIES 2022 Conference Team

We are a George Mason University based team of strong, adventurous, and excellence driven women, dedicated to providing an informative, exciting and purposeful conference experience. Rooted in a responsibility to support diverse perspectives, our team is inspired by the unique ways members experience a conference, and our actions are focused on creating a welcoming CIES 2022 conference for all.

We look forward to meeting you, whether in person or virtually, and wish everyone an engaging and enjoyable CIES 2022 conference. To reach us, please email us at cies2022@cies.us.

Meet the team:

Supriya Baily
2022 Conference Chair and CIES President-Elect
Supriya Baily is Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Center for International Education at George Mason University. She has been a long-time CIES member, serving as CIES Treasurer (2015-2018) and as the Co-Chair of the Gender and Education Standing Committee (2012-2015). Her research interests focus on gender and education, social justice and teacher education, and the rise of nationalism and its impact on gender and schooling. Prior to joining academia, Supriya worked in a number of Washington, DC-based non-profits, primarily raising funds and organizing special events. Her most memorable event was held at the United Nations to honor renowned journalist Walter Cronkite with special guests, actor Michael Douglas and the wife of then-UN Secretary General, Nane Annan. She is very excited about planning CIES 2022 and looks forward organizing an intellectual, creative and welcoming event for CIES members.

Tami Carsillo
Sr. Program Coordinator
Tami is a Doctoral Candidate in International Education and focuses on civics education through youth-led peace initiatives in conflict-affected areas. She began her career through a love of archaeology, and upon completing her Master’s as a secondary Social Science educator, worked at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, where her obsession for email and file folders took hold. The love of adventure continued, and Tami spent the next 10 years with the Virginia House of Delegates. Her love of civics and travel have taken her around the world and upon completion of her PhD, looks forward to obtaining her dual citizenship and moving to her ancestral family’s home country of Italy.

Jehad Halawani
Program Coordinator 
Jehad is a Doctoral Student of Learning Technologies Design Research and International Education at George Mason University. She is also the Presidential Scholar to the Center for International Education. Her research focuses on finding ways to promote critical consciousness and self-directedness among minority adolescents in the K-12 setting. Jehad Grew up in Jerusalem, Palestine, and earned her BS in Physics and Electronics from Birzeit University. Before joining George Mason University, she enjoyed 10 years at different private and public schools in the US and the Middle East working as a Physics teacher, a STEM coordinator, and an acting Dean of Students. When not working, Jehad enjoys hiking, camping and a good cup of coffee with a friend.

Betsy Scotto-Lavino
Program Coordinator
Betsy M. Scotto-Lavino is the Director of Education and Research at the Artistic Fuel Foundation and a Doctoral Student at George Mason University with a primary specialization in International Education and a certificate in Women and Gender Studies. She has taught both youth and adult second-language learners and worked in education and training for twenty years.  In the spirit of adventure, she has run several marathons and road-tripped across the US. She is happiest when outdoors. If you can’t find her, she’s probably kayaking or hiking in the woods.