April 18-22, 2022 - Minneapolis

Accessing the Conference Hub



We know things can get confusing in a hybrid conference. Here are some important things to be aware of:

 There are five different sites that are being used for CIES 2022.

  • The Conference Hub is where you will engage the conference April 18th-May 15th.  Your CIES member ID or CIES Guest ID should give you access to this system (more on this below). The Hub will be open by April 15th at https://cies.lasaweb.org
  • The CIES 2022conference website has been the central website since mid-2021 with information about the annual meeting. It has links to Membership, Registration (and Partner Registration), All Academic, and the Conference Hub.
  • All Academic is where you submitted your proposal, and if you reviewed submissions you did this here also. Your CIES member ID or CIES Guest ID should give you access to this system. This where you can also create your personalized conference schedule for the synchronous sessions.
  • The CIES Membership site is where you joined CIES or renewed your membership. Newcomer attendees – you can join anytime; membership is for the calendar year.  
  • Registration sites:
    • The Conference Registration site is where you registered for the conference. CIES members should have used the same login credentials for membership and the registration sites. Nonmembers also registered here.
    • The Partners Registration site is where Partners – sponsors, exhibitors, advertisers, and institutions having receptions and/or offering career recruiting – register. 


Access to Sessions

Those registered to attend CIES 2022 Onsite in Minneapolis will have access to all onsite and virtual options.  Those registered to attend CIES 2022 virtually will have access only to those sessions in the Hub that are either scheduled during the Pajama Sessions (6 am CDT and 9 pm CDT) and all plenary sessions except for the Provocations (only for onsite participants). 

All CIES 2022 registrants (attendees and participants) can access the Conference Hub. All participants (presenters, chairs, discussants) must log in using the username and password they used to register for the conference. (For CIES members, this should be the same username and password used to join CIES or renew.) The Hub includes links to all plenary and concurrent (Pajama panels) sessions and asynchronous sites. Only those who are registered for CIES 2022 will be able to gain access. Registration is open through April 22, 2022.  

If you have not yet registered but want to attend, please register for the conference at https://cies.lasaweb.org/registration/.   You will then be able to log into the Conference Hub.


The CIES 2022 Conference Hub will open by April 15th. The Hub is the virtual platform where you will engage the online components of the conference.  These components include the online Pre-Conference Workshops, Pajama Panels (concurrent sessions), online Book Launches, online Posters, online Plenary Sessions, and Zoom Socials.

All registrants will be emailed the link to the Hub when it opens and you can enter using the ID and password YOU created to register for the conference.  This would be either your CIES member ID or CIES Guest (non-members) ID and password.  It is important that you know what email ID you used to register so that if you need to reset your password, you can retrieve the new password from the correct email.   Please do not create multiple Guest accounts, as those will not be linked to your registration. 

Please try to log when the Hub opens up.  Our tech team is very small and we might not be able to help you with log in problems if you join for the first time a few minutes before your session. Do not wait until the last minute to try your log in for the first time.

All links to virtual plenary and concurrent sessions will be available on the Hub a few minutes before each session begins. Presenters, chairs, and discussants will have access 15 minutes before their own session to coordinate with the technical host. We ask that you not share links. Your conference colleagues will be able to find the sessions easily – each day’s sessions will be listed on the Hub.  

Asynchronous sessions are not listed in All Academic (because they do not have a specific presentation time) – they are available during the entire conference. Links to these asynchronous sessions, including some Book Launches, Posters, and the Film Festivalette, are in the Conference Hub.  Please remember, the schedule was created in the Minneapolis time zone (CDT). In both All Academic and the Conference Hub you will be able to set your time zone to see times that are accurate for your location.

PERSONALIZING YOUR CONFERENCE SCHEDULE is available in All Academic.  The Conference Hub does not have the capacity for individuals to create a personalized schedule.  For synchronous sessions you can create a schedule in where you can search and browse the program. (You can then download it to your personal calendar, or view your saved schedule within All Academic.)  This will give you a list of which sessions you want to attend, in chronological order, and will be easy to find them in the Conference Hub. Many organizations and units within CIES may be producing lists of their own to make it easier to find their sessions.


Most sessions for pre-conference workshops, paperspanels, roundtables, book launches, provocations, and posters are synchronous (have a scheduled presentation time).  They will occur either onsite in Minneapolis or virtually in the Conference Hub.

The onsite sessions will take place at the Hyatt and are only available, unless noted, to the onsite attendees.  Onsite panelists may bring in their co-authors or co-presenters virtually to present in onsite sessions.  You will use your personal Zoom account to create a Zoom link. The conference room computers will have Zoom set up, so you will be able to log in to your Zoom account and bring your colleagues into the session.  We encourage you to set this up before the conference begins, as we will not have tech support in the onsite conference rooms to help you do this in real time. 

The virtual sessions will take place in the Conference Hub, the online conference platform.  This platform is similar to the Zoom that most of us are familiar with – you’ll see boxes for each person in the session, whether presenting or not. You can set your own screen to see the “gallery” (everyone) or to just see the speaker. Attendees will have access to the sessions 5 minutes before they begin. Presenters, Chairs, and Discussants will have access 15 minutes before the session begins.

A professional host will be assigned to each room – this person permits people to enter the session from the Zoom Waiting Room, and will attend to technological issues and security, but will not be involved in the actual presentations. Each session’s chair will become a co-host, as will all presenters and discussants. This allows presenters to share their screen and use other options within Zoom.

Virtual Roundtable Presentations are similar to the other sessions that are using Zoom. The difference is that each roundtable will be in a breakout room. When you enter the Zoom room for roundtables, you will select the breakout room that corresponds to your session. (It will be important to have the most recent version of Zoom client on your computer so you can select the roundtable breakout room of your choice).

Asynchronous Presentations

Some Virtual Book Launches, Posters, and portions of the Film Festivalette will be uploaded for asynchronous presentations and will be available April 15th–May 15th, 2022.

Registrants are invited to visit these Virtual Book Launches, Posters, and portions of the Film Festivalette – links are in the Conference Hub – at any time during the conference. Leave comments in the Chat, and feel free to return to see the conversation as it evolves throughout the week.

PDF of "ACCESSING THE HUB" available below!